NeoFunk: A Modern take on 70's typography.

I've begun the foundations of creating my own font. I've never done this, and the more I plan and jot, the broader my plans get. I could easily see this developing into a several year passion project, involving me scouring over every curve to make sure it's JUST right. Over the few years of exploring hand drawn typography, I've honed in on a few styles that I enjoy "writing" in. One of which became a chunky, retro, free-flowing pseudo-script that reminded me a lot of the 'funky' display type found in the 60's to 70's era. I've utilized this style several times for my clothing brand, and for client projects, and recently I decided to turn it into a usable font. But, here's the tricky part:

I want NeoFunk to achieve a hand drawn look. And not just kind of. I want even skilled designers to look at a word typed in NeoFunk, and believe it was the result of several hours of drawing, refining and vectoring. This would involve letter designs that are responsive to one another. Flourishes that encompass their typed brethren perfectly. Ligatures and Alternates a plenty. My initial plan is to have at LEAST 2 to 3 alternates per character. Decenders (as alternates) for almost every letter. Multiple flourishes for every natural acender and decender. An enthusiastic, yet troubling thought crossed my mind last night: "Could I have a ligature for every letter combo, so they fit and respond perfectly, no matter what?" Maybe I could convince my grandchildren to finish this font if I we're to attempt that...

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